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About Your Coach,

Colin Dingelstad

Colin has been studying psychology and personal development since the age of 14. After his education, he became an outdoor coordinator and was in charge of about 50-150 people a/week for the guests in the outdoor program from Labyrinth Italy. He absolutely loved it but knew there was more...

After experimenting with finding the right business model, he eventually decided to simply create 1 post in a Facebook group for a free 1-on-1 coaching session aimed at limiting stress.

He got his first client 2 days later and helped her get rid of her burn-out, destructive and suicidal thoughts.

He kept getting high praise for his work and eventually transitioned to working with high-level CEO's and executives. 

He kept getting asked more and more about business advice and eventually transitioned to incorporating coaches and consultants into his common-sense approach that's aimed at being genuine while simultaneously completely results and ROI driven.


He's now on a mission to show you how to be more genuine while having the best strategies and systems on the market in getting your calendar fully booked with your dream clients and (without having to spend a dime on ads).

Full transparency: This training is aimed at me giving back to you. There's nothing to buy in this training. But trust me. It will change the game for you.