I started working with Colin when I was barely surviving financially but I had to find a way out because this was going on for years now. It felt like I had read all the books, all the videos, even tried counseling and still was experiencing severe emotional ups and downs. I didn’t feel worthy of anything and I was spending too much time thinking about what others would think of me, especially my loved ones. I was scared but didn’t want to admit it to anybody, felt like I had to stay strong. But still I was always in my head and judged myself harshly. Colin showed me how to deal with my past, the patterns, the trauma, the habits and the abuse. After the second session, I was left speechless because I felt a calmness that hadn’t been there in a long time. I didn’t want to speak. I felt free, clearer and in control. We ended the session with me saying nothing and he simply encouraged me and told me how proud he was of me that I had stopped hiding from my past and tackled it head-on. It felt like magic. A lot of the initial problems went away but after a few days even though I felt much better some of the problems at work started to arise again. We then focused on creating the new habits, patterns, and routines that would work for me. Basically, we created the aim for where my future self-wanted to be, then created the person that I had to embody to achieve this future and then created the processes that would automatically get me towards this future as long as I executed. We then worked on optimizing my life so I could spend my 168 hours of the week in the best way possible and it’s amazing how much free time I suddenly got. This whole experienced opened my eyes and I’m so grateful for meeting you.

Melissa R.

Before I started working with Colin I experienced so much fear, had severe confidence issues, and I procrastinated because of it. My business didn’t perform well (mostly because of the way I performed) and I was on the brink of amassing debt. It was a downward spiral. Luckily because of some sort of faith, I met Colin and his coaching style was exactly what I needed. Straight to the point, not wasting time, combined with being calm, relaxed, taking his time when necessary, and he really cared about me. I loved how we were actually working towards my goals. In total, we worked together for just 8 weeks and I felt better and better every week (I do have to say it was not always easy) especially some days. But I had faith in the process and contrary to the bad days some days were truly special. My body was sometimes fighting to regain homeostasis (as Colin described) and this time I wasn’t going to let my body go back to its old ways. My business is thriving at the moment, my confidence is at an all time high (I actually have to be careful not being cocky) and I have never felt better in my life. I will always remember this.

Hayley L.

My goal was always to be financially comfortable before my retirement but because of it, my health lacked, I didn’t have any work satisfaction, and the worst part I was sabotaging myself because I hated my job. This resulted in me being fearful, confidence issues, and having severe mood swings. My husband felt awful because of it. And our sexual life was at an all time low. He wasn’t even proud of me anymore. I started working with Colin after a recommendation from a friend and to be honest I wasn’t even confident that this was going to work because my therapist, and the 2 other coaches that I had throughout the years didn’t help that much. I always got my hopes up and every time I thought I saw improvements, but in the long run I never saw the change I really wanted. Maybe I was just not the kind of person who was meant to feel happy (I thought to myself). But working with Colin changed everything. We got to the bottom of it and we're not just fighting symptoms we were tackling the root cause. He helped me deal with my past and it doesn’t keep me up at night anymore (that was the first major win) then everything got better and the rest of the habits and patterns I had to break was easy. Then we focused on my future and instead of quitting my job I actually got a promotion, and my husband and I are feeling the same connection again as in the beginning stages of our relationship. Looking back I don’t have anything but gratitude for you. Thank you Colin with all my heart.

Roxanna C.

Rave Reviews

Happy Clients

I followed Colin for a little while before I started working with him because I knew that he was good but he mainly worked with women. But his content resonated with me and I was still dealing with me being the childhood bully en then later in life losing my confidence and being bullied quite a bit in high school. I felt like I had gained most of my confidence back or was this just a front. I also felt like I had already dealt with my past and I logically was over it. But I decided to work with him anyway after he told me that he was pretty confident it would also work for me. We started and didn't waste any time and we went straight into the root cause of my problems. Within 3 sessions I could sleep normal again and within 9 weeks I got my drive back and am truly excited about the future and about who I am as a person. What an experience it has been.

Hendrik L.

This went through my mind before:

I know I should be happy with my current reality. I have 2 handsome sons & with the love of my life. But losing my dad in 2012 and my mom 4 months ago, I feel empty & so alone. I've been trying to focus on my health & losing weight but I've struggled with being overweight my whole life. I just want to be happy & enjoy life again, but can't find the motivation to do so. I can't get out of this depression state I'm in. 
Turned out I had dealt with it logically but I hadn't dealt with the emotions in my body and the energy associated with those events. Once the energy was alleviated the rest of creating my new perfect self was pretty easy. Forever grateful for meeting you Colin

Heather K

I had severe self-doubt, lacked confidence and didn’t even come close to loving myself.  I was desperate but open to trying anything and Colin’s coaching style was the first that got me to a person I’m actually proud of. We did most of the work during the sessions (that can btw take up to 4 hours! and I felt instantly that he truly cares about me) Fast forward to today. Now I’m proud of the person in the mirror, I’m confident and I believe in myself and in my ability. Words can not describe my gratitude. Thank you so much Colin.

Primila J.

You are presenting yourself better than Brian Rose in Life Accelerator. Nobody that I know of has your energy. You are calm relaxed and clear. Proud to know you Colin.

Julianne H.

Colin's methods of teaching are very simple and effective in changing your mindset quickly. He has the innate ability to inspire and motivate others.

Angelique M.

Colin is switched on, vibrant and an action taker. His work and offerings ooze his capability. Highly recommend! See what's possible for you.

Jamie A.

I'm still wondering how you learned to speak like that. You live in the Netherlands traveled a lot but haven't even lived in the USA, UK or Canada. Well, one thing is for sure you made me question more than once who I am and how I can improve my business. My mindset is more solid than ever and I'm going after my second mountain. Thank you so much. Loved working with you and you are truly inspiring and special. I can hear that when you speak that you live what you preach every single day. Thank you, Colin.

Christine S.

This morning when I was walking to the supermarket though, some thoughts started to creep in my mind about feeling unimportant as the company I work for still hasn't paid my invoice that should have been paid last week - and a voice in my mind just said NO, I AM EXTREMELY IMPORTANT no matter what is going on. Those were my battles on a day to day basis but week by week the limiting thoughts faded and I felt better and better. Haven't felt so good in a long time. Loved working with you.

Melissa J

Feeling lost was a severe understatement. I didn't have a purpose, no direction, or a sense of belonging. After our first session (which was free) we got my new vision and goals clear on a piece of paper and I didn't even realize it. I thought we simply had a real good conversation. I felt an instant click and my gut feeling was right for the first time in a long time. Colin helped me change my life. He would say that I did all of it but I'm certain that I wouldn't be as happy right now if it wasn't for him. I will recommend you to all my friends and family! Thank you so much!

Charlotte F.