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Colin started studying psychology, philosophy, and personal development at the age of 14. He helped his mom get off her medication and close to her ideal body weight shortly after. Then decided years later while being in charge of running the outdoor program (climbing, kayaking, Via Ferrata's etc. ) for a Dutch company located in Torbole (Italy) to go into the coaching field.  (After multiple recommendations from influencers and business owners.) His first potential client was a woman who had a very difficult upbringing with some serious abusive relationships. And everybody seemed to have given up on her. Even though this was very much outside of his comfort zone he eventually decided that if nobody was going to help her that he would give it his best shot.

To the surprise of her family, friends, and therapist she felt better and better (every week, closer to her perfect self).
After 6-weeks she got the assignment to take some time off from work. At this point, she had gained the confidence to do a 10-day meditation retreat (which is something she always wanted to do).
3-weeks later she made up her mind and decided to travel the world and has never looked back since.
After seeing how happy, fulfilled and at peace she was—he knew what he had to do.   To put it into his own words.
Helping you transform into your perfect self.

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Creating Your Perfect Self

With Coaching That Creates Measurable Change

Pillar 1: Your Perfect Self

Imagine standing in front of a mountain. The top represents the person you always aspired of becoming. (Not the person society, friends or family wants you to be.) But the person you'd be proud of when you look in the mirror. This person is your initial perfect self. Once we've reached the top of the mountain a whole new world of other mountains and possibility opens up. But first, let's get you up that first mountain!

Pillar 2: Finished When We're Finished

99% of coaches, counselors or therapists set a time limit. So let's say you come in 45 minutes have passed and you feel like you're getting somewhere, you feel like you're on the verge of a breakthrough. A few minutes later you get cut off and the coach tells you. Okey, see you next week... This makes me cringe and it's extremely difficult to create change quickly when you focus on cramming content into x amount of time. It can work but it takes much longer than necessary.

Pillar 3: Becoming Independent

It's a brilliant business model to keep your clients at a distance and dependent. 1. Via 45 to 60 minute sessions 2. Not being available outside the office 3. Not really living what you preach and 4. Not tracking progress. It just fails too often, and that's frustrating. 
My goal is to create a leader who can (if necessary) stand independent. A version of you who is proud of who she is and whom other people look up to. A version of you that doesn't need a coach because you're too busy living your own beautiful life. 

Pillar 4: Interested or Committed

Working with me is based on trust and not just you talking and me asking questions... But actively guiding you to overcome your past, creating and working towards a future that actually makes you feel fulfilled, happy and at peace while truly enjoying the present moment.  Most of the time only one thing is holding you back.
You're either interested and act when life is convenient or you make the commitment and take the first small step. Because you're less than 12 weeks away from reaching your first mountain top. 

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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