My Story

Helping You Move Forward

Colin started studying psychology, philosophy, and personal development at the age of 14. He helped his mom get off her medication and close to her ideal body weight shortly after. Then decided years later while being in charge of running the outdoor program (climbing, kayaking, Via Ferrata's etc. ) for a Dutch company located in Torbole (Italie) to go into the coaching field.  (After multiple recommendations from influencers and business owners.) His first potential client was a woman who had a very difficult upbringing with some serious abusive relationships. And everybody seemed to have given up on her. Even though this was very much outside of his comfort zone he eventually decided that if nobody was going to help her that he would give it his best shot.


To the surprise of her family, friends, and therapist she got better and better (every week, closer to her perfect self).After 6-weeks she got the assignment to take some time off from work. At this point, she had gained the confidence to do a 10-day meditation retreat (which is something she always wanted to do).3-weeks later she made up her mind and decided to travel the world and has never looked back since.After seeing how happy, fulfilled and at peace she was—he knew what he had to do.   To put it into his own words.Helping you transform into your perfect self.