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2 Extra Steps That Are Crucial After You Set a Goal

Goal setting is powerful but just setting a goal is doomed to fail. There are 2 extra steps that are crucial in making a goal work. I'll be giving you 2 powerful examples that will shed light on the problem and how to actually overcome it ...

Why Most Spiritual People Limit Their Life

This is not a post to ditch on spiritual people (the exact opposite actually) it's simply to shed light on a giant misunderstanding about the phrase it was meant to happen. This is a powerful mindset shift. And not even that hard to understand. But you ...  

3 Ways That Can Save You 500+ Hours in the next 10 years

You'll learn how to embrace the power of 3 small habits that will save you 500+ hours in the next 10 years. But don't be limited by these 3. They are powerful and you should probably implement them right now. But there are hundreds of ...

Controlling the 3 Types of Regrets

We'll be talking about 3 ways you can experience regret and solutions that  aimed And as always. it will be .straight to the point

It's your fault for not having the best possible life

Find out why there is only one important question for every situation you're stuck in and that is. What are you tolerating at...

How to analyze your current goals and the mistakes.

A simple overview to figure out if your ways of reaching big goals are efficient and then see where you're lacking.