Blind spots and potential improvements
Overview of Your Results


 I’ve kept the quiz very short and simple because often times we aren’t even aware of the things that we could do differently. But once we are aware of a new blind spot or potential improvement that will make a significant impact in the long run. Combined with it being easy to implement. Then changing becomes easier. Extra note: not every change on this list is easy.


You have received a review of your answers in your inbox and I would simply invite you to go over it and see in which areas you scored low or areas that might seem fun or beneficial to improve. Then simply go to that question on this pdf and see which tips or improvements I’d recommend. But don’t limit yourself by what I say. Once you are aware of a certain problem, you’re easily able to fix it. Your phone + wifi has more info then the president of the united states 20 years ago.

1. How satisfied are you with the amount you move?

Moving, exercising, sports, etc.  are extremely important (you've probably heard it more than a 1000 times. But if you’re struggling with getting enough movement in or you’re not as happy with your physical condition. Then simply remember that all small changes lead to massive change in the long run. Let’s say you’d made the commitment to move 10 minutes a day more than you’re doing at this moment in time.


There are probably small windows to implement at least a little exercise, maybe as simple as walking or cycling to work or when you’re having a break somewhere. You can also take a break standing or have a little walk. You could also make a commitment to always use the stairs or every time you’re doing x behavior to combine it with doing x amount of movement. You’ll get my point but with 10 minutes a day, you’ll spend 600+ hours a year moving.


2. How satisfied are you with your breathing?

It’s not efficient to breathe more than 12 times a minute. Especially combined with mouth and chest breathing. Simply change the way you breathe by breathing only through your nose. Yes, also when you’re exercising. Always try to be aware and control your breathing. Then search for a few breathing exercises to improve your lung capacity and slow down your rushed breathing. Again simply pick one exercise, implement that exercise 6-7 days a week and stick with it for 1-2 months in order to see a big improvement.


3. How healthy are the cleaning products you use?

Often times we’ve bought things when we were younger and never questioned why we use them in the first place. But most importantly if it’s still the best product for us to use. Simply think about every cleaning product you use right now and think about if it’s healthy for you to breathe (x) product in or to wear clothing washed with (x) product.These are all small improvements but once you’ve switched to a healthier solution, you’ll never want to go back.


4. How would you rate the people you see at work?

We don’t always want to admit that the people at work influence us but it can’t be closer to the truth. If you and your partner work full time then you probably spend more time with the people at work then you’ll do with your own husband. It’s crucial to create a list of items you’ll absolutely not tolerate at work from other people and from yourself. And you should go as far as leaving the company if these items aren’t met. This way you’ll keep your own sanity and you won’t be negatively shaped as much by the people around you.


5. How satisfied are you with the sexual fulfillment you get?

Don’t let chance or luck shape your love life. Actively go after it, and put yourself in the right situation where either there’s a high probability of you meeting the right person or put yourself in the right places with your partner to learn and improve your game under the blankets (you don’t have to go out perse, but simply look at what you want or are interested in and then accidentally watch a video or show about what you want from your partner (or what you want him to do to you or you to with him/her).


6. Are you managing your time well?

When is the last time you truly scheduled your entire day? Use the 168 hours per week to your advantage. Simply look at your needs and your most important activities that need to be finished. Then focus on those first.  A simple trick is to think about if you had a serious accident and you could only work X hours a day (let’s say 4 hours) could I still manage all my important work in this timeframe without losing too much. If so then start acting on it. And make sure you recharge in the evenings so you’re ready for the next day. And I don’t mean watching the news before going to bed. Go offline at least 30 minutes before going to bed. And try to at least download a blue light filter like F.lux or twilight on your laptop and mobile phone.


7. How are your friends?

As with work, the same applies to friends. The closer we are to people the higher the chance is that they will shape or influence us (is the way they behave in line with the person you want to be, are their values still propelling you forward, or making you happy for that matter. Pay close attention to your friends because (in a lot of cases)  they love you till death or until you decide to change. Because people don’t want to be reminded about how they potentially leave a lot on the table. So make sure to go about it carefully if you’re planning on changing. But it usually starts with identifying yourself as a different person. I am X and this person usually also likes to spend time with people who think alike. Not always but often a change in environment can supercharge your change rate.


8. How is your health at the moment?

I’ll keep this one simple. Small changes lead to big results.

If you eat less bad food, for example, eating 1 day clean per week. Then this will get you to eat clean for over a 1000 days in the next 20 years.


9. How satisfied are you in prioritizing learning over digital entertainment?

I’m not saying anything is wrong with entertainment but I am saying that by simply switching to reading or doing a course on a topic you find interesting will contribute much more to your life than zoned out consuming content you don’t even really enjoy. Just start with something.



10. How is your own energy when you walk into a room?

Think about the last time you walked into a room full of your possibly your co-workers, friends, family doesn’t matter. What did they think of you and how did you make them feel. If the answer isn’t excited then you might want to change your approach a little :)



11. The second you wake up and the second you go to bed. Are you in control or in response mode?

Most people are controlled by external stimulus. Meaning they can’t sit still for a moment without craving some new stimulus, like an email, WhatsApp/Vibe message, YT video, facebook feed etc. But if you truly think about it, are you living or are you just a slave who’s being fed whatever other people want them to consume. You can even argue that you are not even you if you allow external influences to shape the way you think. If this is you then simply DO something, throw off all notifications, shut down Facebook for 2 weeks and simply see if besides you craving the short term attention if anybody actually misses you (don’t make it an announcement but simply act now.) Your state of mind will be much more in peace after a week.

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12. When was the last time you laughed so hard that it made you cry?

Everybody knows that laughing is one of the best feelings you’ll experience ever. But most people think it’s something that happens when you’re lucky. I would go as far as to say that you have to consciously create laughter. 1. Lower your bar for laughing, because you control when you laugh and make it a habit to not be stuck in your own head but get into your body and just laugh even if you have to force it the first few seconds. Even if you don’t have the prettiest smile and laugh, but you’ll still feel better than if you were holding it back.

2. Actively create situations with a person you care about to laugh. Watch a comedy, do something silly,  go to the theatre whatever you have to laugh will bring you happiness. So stop running from it. You’ve got this.


“People who don’t laugh cannot be serious people.” Gianluca Vacchi